About Aero Fuels

Welcome to Aero Fuels, where I, Jonathan Walsh, talk about everything related to alternative energy. I am a student, father, and aspiring entrepreneur. While I am finishing my doctorate in engineering, I also make sure I spend quality time with my two amazing sons. There’s nothing like being a father and watching your kids grow and learn new things every day. I believe, just like raising children, you also raise your dreams. With each day that passes, we work toward the goal and help ours dream grow so that one day they will reach maturation. With that being said, I have a dream. I am preparing to launch my own company that will offer alternative fuels to airplanes. My goal is to pave the way to a future where aircraft run on cleaner energy for the sake of a greener planet. 

Until I graduate with my Ph.D. and I want to maintain a fun blog that opens a meaningful dialogue about the virtues and benefits of using alternative fuels in aircraft. Let’s brainstorm this topic together and work toward creating a future where we are not dependent on the limited quantity of fossil fuels on this Earth. After all, with each individual who becomes more open-minded to the idea of alternate ways to drive planes forward and into the sky, we will be one step closer to change. The general disposition to an accepted norm does not change suddenly but rather takes the personalized conversions of individuals over time. Just think about how normal it is for women to vote today while this trend was first vehemently opposed in the turn of the 20th century. Or how about the internet being an integral part of modern life while in the early 90’s and late 80’s it was seen as a high-tech network for only the computer-literate?

By getting individuals to “buy in” to new technology and social norms, lifestyles change. Let’s start this dialogue today and get more people to go “all-in” for alternative energy.